30% of our group of highly cautious, vaxxed-waxed-and-relaxed women caught the virus, didn’t end up in the hospital, and have no regrets

How Naming My Inner Critic Helped Me Outrun Negative Self-Talk

Image by Zac Ong via Unsplash

Some things are worth the extra effort.

Always make your own vodka sauce. Fusilli alla vodka, made and photographed by the author.

It took me a year to fall in love with working from home, but now I’m committed

Image via Tim Mossholder for Unsplash

We’re in a gossip drought, and everyone is so, so thirsty.

Preach, Ali.

Five pieces of advice from a MasterChef finalist on how to get cast on the show.

How I Discovered That White Nationalism Is Alive And Well In The Suburbs

Trump supporters in New Jersey. Photo by David Todd McCarty via Unsplash.

A love letter to a very un-Italian sauce and the woman who invented it.

Elizabeth Cauvel

I’m a west coast-based creative director at New York-based ad agency MRY, and the season 5 Masterchef runner-up. I love mayonnaise, yoga, cats, and pizza.

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