7 Reasons I Want To Work Remotely Forever

It took me a year to fall in love with working from home, but now I’m committed

Elizabeth Cauvel


Image via Tim Mossholder for Unsplash

Those of us in advertising and marketing have officially been working remotely for one calendar year. The Pan-iversary (I’m sorry) has come and gone, and we’re still waking up and dialing into roughly 4,000 meetings a day via Zoom or Teams. Still donning above-the-waist business attire (our cleanest hoodie) and below-the-waist “athleisure” (the same sweatpants we slept in). Still taking calls from our beds, kitchens, children’s rooms, backyards, front stoops, fire escapes, and bathrooms, depending on the size of our homes and with whom we share them.

And you know what? I’ve grown to love it.

In the early days, I found remote work to be abjectly miserable. I had crammed my “workspace” into the far end of my narrow galley kitchen in a one-bedroom Queens apartment, two feet from my garbage bin but directly in front of a south-facing window. Every afternoon, the sun poured in and heated my “office” to a broil, steaming me in a rotting-fruit-scented cloud of mist.

It wasn’t ideal.

So we fled to the west coast, trading all that New York City has to offer for a bigger apartment with actual outdoor space just blocks from the ocean. Once our living situation improved, a love of working remotely crept up on me, the positives (the immense privilege of being insulated from a global pandemic! Also, no commute!) eventually outweighing the negatives (I never get to see my work friends, who also happen to be my *actual* friends).

A year in, I am solidly Team Work Remotely Forever.

Here are a few reasons why:

THE LIFE-CHANGING JOY OF TIDYING UP In the Before Times, I would let my apartment descend into entropy over the course of the week, then spend half my weekend cleaning it from top to bottom before repeating the cycle the following week.

Working from home allows me 5- and 10-minute breaks throughout the day to do what I think of as micro-chores: short tasks that add up to a…



Elizabeth Cauvel

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